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In taking an unexpected step, the bank said it was “imperative” to control rising prices as inflation reached a 16-month high.


Intel Corp. has introduced its most advanced desktop processor ever, the Intel Core i7 processor. The core i7 processor is the first member of a new family of Nehalem processor designs and is the most sophisticated ever built with new technologies that boost performance on demand and maximise data throughput.

The Core i7 processor speeds video editing, immersive games and other popular internet and computer activities by up to 40 percent without increasing power consumption.

Each Core i7 processor features an 8 MB level 3 cache and 3 channels of DDR3 1006 memory to deliver the best memory performance of any desktop platform. Intel’s top performance processor, the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition, also removes over-speed protection allowing Intel’ knowledgeable customers or hobbyists to further increase the chip speed.

Keeping with theme of two previous articles written here on Guerrilla Freelancing, today we’re going to check into facebook and showcase some of the mistakes people make on facebook. If you’re interested in reading the other articles, the links are below.

Updating your profile once a month

One of the first mistakes I see (and have fallen to myself in the past) is setting up a facebook profile because everyone else has one and then never updating it. It’s fine to not have a social profile everywhere – stick to the ones you use most, and if you are going to set up a profile on facebook, use it.

Mass adding without any type of connection

My main rule of thumb here is to not randomly add anyone unless the facebook recommendations show 10 or more common friends between myself and the other person. This way, I know they’re a part of the circle I talk to in one way or another and I know that their input on things will be valuable. Plus, it doesn’t look so spammy compared to when you’re adding people who have zero common friends.

Not setting up a fan page for your site

If you run a website of any kind, setting up a facebook fan page, in my opinion, is a must. It not only allows you to promote your site throughout facebook, but it’s also a way to get your visitors interacting with you, signed up to a specific place where you can send out notices (similar to a newsletter) about your site, contests and freebies that people can’t get elsewhere.

Only sharing your own content

I’ve mentioned this before in our other posts about stumble upon and twitter, but it crosses over into facebook as well. I see people who sent out status updates with links to their sites, but never mention anything about any other sites they’ve visited. I assure you that your friends will enjoy reading content if it applies to them, so by sharing articles on facebook that relate to your website topic, they’ll gain more value from your updates and feel more comfortable clicking your links (including the ones to your site).

Updating your status 50+ times a day

Twitter is a place to update 50-100 times a day. Facebook isn’t. Facebook should be used as a place to hold longer conversations than 140 characters and not just a place to broadcast link after link (after link). Try your best to utilize facebook for what it should be used for – connecting with friends, discussing things and sharing what is up with you.

Forgetting that potential clients will be seeing your profile

Some people use facebook and forget that their potential clients can, or will, see what they’re posting on their walls and in their pictures. Yes, you should be yourself as much as possible, but if being yourself means losing clients because you’ve got half naked pictures on your facebook, you may want to rethink the business you’re in:) Also, if you’re designing websites for churches, you may want to tone down your atheist views – I don’t think it would be good for business. So remember, keep things light, but not bright ;)

Running your blog posts through facebook’s notes

This is one that I don’t see many people talk about, but it’s a definite dead end when it comes to utilizing facebook for traffic and comments on your blog. What a lot of people do is run their RSS feeds through facebook notes and give everyone the ability to read their entire post right there on facebook. When they’re done reading, they move on and don’t visit your site. You’d be better off just sending out a wall update letting people know about the new post so the traffic goes to your site instead of your notes section.

Posting self-glorifying messages on your friends walls

This is one I’ve had to deal with numerous times recently. “Friends” who are utilizing facebook as a place where they can post a comment on your wall, discussing their site. News flash, that’s what your wall is for. If you write on someones wall, mention how much you liked THEIR article, not link to your own stuff. It’s unprofessional, rude and a bit annoying.

Sending advertisements to your friends through facebook messages

Another one that I’ve seen happen more lately is the unsolicited advertisement messages you receive on facebook. Something along the lines of “I just seen this and knew you’d like it” although, your name isn’t mentioned in the message and the topic is something you’re definitely NOT interested. Don’t do it anymore if you’re one of the ones doing it – people hate it.

Nowadays with the rapid development of information technology and increase in the number of Multinational IT companies and because of the good pay scale attached to the IT jobs, many candidates wish to take up Information technology as their career. Even though, most of the students wish to take up IT as their career, there are certain groups of candidates, who wish to take up TNPSC examination due to the opportunity to get placed in government organizations. Many of us have a doubt, whether a TNPSC job or an IT job would be better. We will be able to understand this by looking into some of the pros and cons of these two sectors.

TNPSC jobs:

The first main advantage with TNPSC jobs is that, by getting through the TNPSC examination, the candidates will be able to get placed in secured Government organization. When it comes to Government organizations the job security and stability is assured. Another advantage is working hours, which if normally 9am to 5pm, which will be more suitable to women candidates since they will not be required to work in late hours. Retirement benefits are assured in the case of Government jobs.

The disadvantage of TNPSC jobs is that strict processes and procedures are to be followed. The candidates will be able to get promotion only on a hierarchy basis.

IT jobs:

The main advantage of Information technology jobs is the high pay rate attached for the right knowledge. Moreover, the candidates will be able to learn more in their respective field. The communication skills of the candidates will improve to a great extent since they will have to communicate with clients belonging to foreign countries.

The disadvantage with IT job is that job security cannot be assured here. The candidates will be required to work during late nights since there is no proper work time.

Therefore, to conclude each of these jobs has their own advantages and disadvantages, the candidates can select their career by analyzing the above-mentioned points.

SeeSaw has just launched its TV service bringing together recent and archive TV programmes from the BBC, Channel 4 and Five. It bought its technology from Project Kangaroo, which was joint venture by the same broadcasters that the Competition Commission blocked. Now that this service has finally arrived will it succeed?

3 channels in 1 place

Bringing programmes from different broadcasters into a single place has been popular elsewhere. Hulu did this in the USA where it offers programmes from NBC, Fox and ABC, amongst others, and has been very successful. For users it’s convenient to have all the programmes they want to watch all in one place and it encourages them to browse around and find various programmes, just as they do on their living room TVs. However, UK broadcasters already have their own successful catch up servies so SeeSaw will need promote itself heavily and attract users to its website.

SeeSaw will contain thousands of hours of archive programmes and this may help it to attract users. However, it’s not clear from its homepage that it contains a large amount of archive footage. It should make its proposition clear in its marketing material and on its homepage.

Living room

Most users will still prefer to watch programmes on their living room TVs rather than on their PC monitors. Living rooms are used for socialising and large TVs work much better PCs in this environment. If SeeSaw found a way to integrate its service into TV sets, set-top boxes or gaming consoles then it could get head of the competition. Netflix has does this quite successfully with its own streaming service in the USA and SeeSaw could benefit from doing something similar.

Google Buzz

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Technology News

Google Introduce the new technology of GOOGLE BUZZ.It is useful for sharing your documents,files,images,comments like as face book,twitter.Also, implement the mobile application on sharing your data with your favourite friends are any one of the like person.

Hi gmail guys it is useful for your lifestyle change on nowdays. Enjoy with google BUZZ.